Free sewing tutorial and pattern for sewing room slippers

* Firm fabric or leather - 35 cm x 80 cm (14 inch x 32 inch)

[Eur 39] [UK 6] [US 8.5]
If your size is slightly smaller or larger you can adjust the pattern by stretching or scaling down the whole pattern (A4) lengthwise. (Scale the height while leaving the width the same.)

Download the free sewing pattern here.

Cut the pattern twice out of both fabrics, without seam allowance. Please notice that both parts should be mirrored. Sew around the upper side of the room slippers. Use a very short zigzag stitch with maximum width.

Sew both part together (sole and vamp). Sew from the toe of the shoe to heel of the shoe. Use the same zigzag stitch. Put both parts tight together, to be sure to sew in both fabrics at the same time.

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