Free sewing pattern Softie Fish

* Three different fabrics (body)
* Fabric - 25 cm x 20 cm (10 in x 8 in) (fins)
* Cross-stitch threads (eyes and mouth)
* Strong machine sewing thread
* Stuffing - polyfill

Download free sewing pattern here.

Start making the back of the fish. Trace and cut out the pattern. With right sides facing, pin and sew the head to the first body part. Then sew the first body part to the second part. Sew the second body part to the thrid body part and sew the third body part to the fourth body part. Repeat this whole process to make front of the fish. Embroider the eyes and the mouth.

Continue with the fins. Cut the fabric in seven pieces. Fold all fin-fabrics widthwise (right sides facing) and pin down. Pin and sew the fin-patterns to the fabrics. Do not sew the bottom of the fins. Turn right-side out. Because we're making a toy for childeren under the age of 3 years old, we're trying to avoid parts smaller than 3,5 cm (1,5 in) diameter. Therefore you could make the ending of the fins longer and wider than displayed on the picture below.
Place the front body piece right-side up on your work surface. Pin the fins into position. Place the second body piece right-side down on top and pin the body pieces together. Pin and sew the body pattern. Leave a 3.5 cm (1,5 in) opening on the lower part of the head for turning right-side out. Double- stitch over the fins. Turn right-side out. Using a stuffing stick, push small amounts of stuffing into the fish until the fish is firm and even, but not too tight. Hand-sew the stuffing opening closed.

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intended for non commercial use only


  1. Aww this is so sweet. My baby has a fishy themed room, I'll have to make her one!

  2. Gorgeous fish, I'm going to make it for my youngest grandchild who is four months old. Thanks for the lovely pattern.

  3. Thankyou so much!!

  4. Cutie cute cute!!

  5. This pattern is better than the taggy blankets that are all the rage. I'll make this little fish for my granddaughter.
    Thank you for creating and sharing.

    Laurie M