Monday, April 27, 2009

Free Pattern Softie Whale

* Two different fabrics (body and fins)
* Felt (eyes and nose)
* Stuffing - polyfill

Download free pattern here (original file), or download the user/printer-friendly version; part one, part two and part three.

Start making the body of the whale. Trace and cut out the pattern. Sew the notches in the upper part of the body closed. Do the same for the bottom of the whale.

Continue with the fins. With right sides facing, pin down the fin-fabrics. Sew the fin-pattern to the fabrics. Do not sew the bottom of the fins. Turn right-side out.

Cut out the nose and eyes patterns from the felt sheets. Use a sewing thread to sew the felt pieces to the body part. Embroider the pupils on the eyes.

Place the front body piece right-side up on your work surface. Pin the fins into position. Place the second body piece right-side down on top and pin the body pieces together. Sew the body pattern. Be careful not to sew the stuffing opening. Double- stitch over the fins.
Turn right-side out. Using a stuffing stick, push small amounts of stuffing into the whale until the whale is firm and even, but not too tight. Hand-sew the stuffing opening closed.

The soap which started it all ...

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Tip At you can find the free pattern of this little monster.