Free sewing tutorial and pattern toddler scarf

* Fabric Retro Rockets by Michael Miller - 70 cm x 15 cm (27 inch x 6 inch) (front scarf)
* Fleece - 70 cm x 15 cm (27 inch x 6 inch) (back scarf)
* Strip of fabric - 4,5 cm x 150 cm (2 inch x 60 inch)

Download the free sewing pattern here. (size: for a one year old.)  Set your printer settings to A4 paper.

Double-click images to enlarge.

Step 1: Draw the pattern.
Draw the pattern with an aqua trickmarker on the back of the cotton fabric and with tailors' chalk on the back of the fleece.

Step 2: Cut the fabric.
Cut the pattern out of both fabrics.

Step 3: Pin down.
Pin the two pieces down, right sides facing.

Step 4: Sew the circle.
Sew the circle.

Step 5: Trim.
Trim and turn right-side out, through the circle.

Step 6: Topstitch.
Pin down. Topstitch around the circle.

Step 7: Sew the end of the strip of fabric.
Fold the end of the strip of fabric. Sew.

Step 8: Attach bias-tape.
Attach the bias-tape to the back of the scarf (use your strip of fabric). Sew along the edge about 1 cm (1/2 inch) distance from the edge.

Step 9: Pin down bias-tape.
Fold the bias-tape to the front. Fold widthwise and pin down.

Step 10: Attach bias-tape.
Sew along the edge.

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