Tips & Tricks

If you buy clothes or softies in a store you can read the washing instructions on the label, which is attached to the product. With fabrics this is usually not the case. If you have any doubts about the washing instructions, the best thing you can do is to test it with a small piece of fabric. Allways prewash fabrics before using them. Most fabrics shrink when washed for the first time.

Toys for childeren have to meet strict requirements. Manufacturers should thoroughly test their toys before bringing them to market. Handmade clothing and toys have not been tested and therefore can never guarantee the same level of safety compared to a product which is manufactured in mass production. If you're making toys or clothing by hand for children under the age of three years old, make sure the product does not contain small parts (often reffered to as parts smaller than 3,5 cm/1,4 in diameter) such as buttons. Also use extra strong machine sewing thread.


  1. Hello,

    Many thanks for these wonderful patterns, you have got so much talent! I printed the Free pattern short sleeve shirt ( and sewed it but the sleeves are really too tight.. did I make a mistake printing on 2 A4 papers?
    thank you for your help and in advance sorry for my english, I am French

  2. Hi Rose,

    that's a really old webpage, I don't know why it's still available on the web. You can find the newest version here:

  3. When it says "sewing allowance is not included" does that mean I have to add 1/4 inch or use a server?

  4. Thank you fro all teh wonderful patterns cant wait to try them out.