Free sewing pattern and tutorial puff sleeve top

* Knit fabric
* Foldover elastic - 1" x 32" (2,5 cm x 80 cm) 

Download the free sewing pattern from the list below. Set your printer settings to A4 paper.

US size 04 (UK size 8) (German size 34) (French size 36) (Italian size 38)
US size 06 (UK size 10) (German size 36) (French size 38) (Italian size 40)
US size 08 (UK size 12) (German size 38) (French size 40) (Italian size 42)
US size 10 (UK size 14) (German size 40) (French size 42) (Italian size 44)
US size 12 (UK size 16) (German size 42) (French size 44) (Italian size 46)
US size 14 (UK size 18) (German size 44) (French size 46) (Italian size 48)

When working with knits, it is important not to stretch or pull the fabric while sewing. Also use a stretch needle and a stretch stitch. In this pattern all seams are sewed with a twin needle.

Double-click images to enlarge.

Step 1: Draw the pattern.
Print the sewing pattern in landscape mode at 100% on A4 paper or US Letter. Draw the pattern with an aqua trickmarker on the back of the fabric.

The pattern is without seam allowance. Add 5/8" (1 cm) seam allowance. Add 1" (2 cm) seam allowance at the bottom of the shirt. Draw the bottom of the sleeves without seam allowance.

To adjust the pattern to your own body measurements, draw the sleeves and the bottom of the top 2" (4 cm) longer. At step 12 you can try it on and adept the length of the top and the sleeves. Or you could make a toile first.

Step 2: Cut the fabric.
Cut a front piece, a back piece and and two sleeves (mirrored) out of the fabric.

Step 3: Fold seam allowance neckline to the inside.

Fold seam allowance of the neckline to the inside and pin down.

Step 4: Sew.

Step 5:  Sew the shoulder seams.
With right sides facing pin down the back and front piece. Sew the shoulder seams. Trim.

Step 6: Use gathering stitches to create ruffles in the top of the sleeve.    

Now use gathering stitches to create ruffles in the top of the sleeve; Set your sewing machine to a wide stitch and sew two lines of stitches around the top of the skirt with 1/4" (0,5 cm) distance. Make sure to leave a 3" (8 cm) length of thread at the end and at the beginning.

Step 7: Ruffle the fabric.

Ruffle the top of the sleeve until the size of the sleeve matches the size of the top.

            Step 8: Pin the sleeve down
 Pin the left sleeve right sides together, into the armhole.

                Step 9: Sew the sleeve into the armhole.

Sew the sleeve into the armhole. Repeat step 8 until 9 for the right sleeve.

Step 10: Pin down the sides of the shirt.

Turn shirt wrong-side out. Pin down the sides of the shirt and the bottom of the sleeves.

Step 11: Sew.

Step 12: Fold the seam allowance to the inside.

Fold the seam allowance of the bottom of the shirt to the inside and pin down.

Step 12: Sew the hem in place.

Turn right-side out. Sew the hem in place.

Step 14: Fold the foldover elastic in half.

With right sides facing, fold the foldover elastic in half. Make two circles with a circumference of 26 cm (10.2 inch) for size 04, 27.7 cm (10.9 inch) for size 06, 29 cm (11.4 inch) for size 08, 30,5 cm (12 inch) for size 10, 32 cm (12.6 inch) for size 12 or 33 cm (13 inch) for size 14. Sew together.

Step 15: Finish off the bottom of the sleeves.

With wrong sides facing, pin the foldover elastic to the bottom of the sleeves. Fold the foldover elastic in half length-wise, over the edge of the sleeves and pin down. Sew together.

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