Free pattern baby blouse (Size 4 - 6 months)

* Fabric - 70 cm wide x 90 cm high (28 in x 36 in)
* Four buttons ( 1,5 cm - 0,6 in)

Download the free pattern here.

Cut out a left and a right front piece, a back piece, a collar, a half moon, and two sleeves. Keep in general 0,5 cm (0,2 in) seam allowance. Keep 1,5 cm (0,6 in) seam allowance at the bottom of the sleeves and the bottom of the front and back pieces. The half moon will be used to cover a part of the seam allowance of the collar.

Pin and sew the shoulder seams together. Pin and sew the sleeves right sides together, into the armholes. Pin and sew the sides of the shirt together. Serge off and iron out your seams.

With right sides together, fold the sleeves in half. Sew down the entire side. Serge off and topstitch.

Serge off the outer edge of the half moon and the back and front neckline, to keep the edges from fraying.

Fold collar in half. Press. With right sides together, sew the ends of the collar closed. Clip the corners and turn right side out and press. Mark center points of the shirt and collar piece. Pin the collar’s underside to the garment, right sides together. Pin the half moon on top and pin down. Sew together. Serge off your seam. Topstitch the upper edge of the blouse. Start topstitching from the right upper corner of the left front piece until the left upper corner of the right front piece, following the bottom edge of the half moon.

Serge off the outer edge of the left and right front pieces. Folding over the edges of the shirt in the front and sew the hems in place about 2 cm (o,8 in) from the edge.

Serge around the bottom of each sleeve to finish off the edge. Sew the hem in place about 1 cm (0,4 in) from the edge.

Serge around the bottom of the shirt. Hem the blouse. Iron the hem. Sew the hem in place about 1 cm (0,4 in) from the edge.

Using a ruler, mark where your buttons and buttonholes will go. Stitch the buttonholes. Sew the buttons on properly to make certain that they function well and last for years.

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