Free sewing tutorial and pattern A-line dress

This dubble layered dress closes with two buttons on the shoulders and two small buttons underneath the armpits. Sizes range from newborn - 8Y.

* Fabric Michael Miller, Summer night lights (outside)
   46 cm x 112 cm - 18 inch x 44 inch (size 3 months - 3T)
   92 cm x 112 cm - 36 inch x 44 inch (size 4Y - 8Y)
   138 cm x 112 cm - 54 x 44 inch (Size 9Y - 11Y)
* Plain white cotton fabric (lining)
   46 cm x 112 cm  - 18 inch x 44 inch (size 3 months - 4Y
* Two buttons - 2 cm (⌀ 4/5 inch)
* Two buttons - ⌀ 1 cm (⌀ 2/5 inch)
* Elastic - 0.5 cm wide and 16 cm long (1/5 inch x 6.5 inch)

Download the free sewing pattern from the list below.  Set your printer settings to A4 paper.

(size 56) (US Newborn)
(size 62) (US 3 months)
(size 68) (US 6 months)
(size 74) (US 9 months)
(size 80) (US 12 months)
(size 86) (US 18 months)
(size 92) (US 2T)
(size 98) (US 3T)

Sizes 4Y through 11Y can be bought in my online store.

Double-click images to enlarge.

Step 1: Draw the pattern.
Print the sewing pattern in landscape mode at 100% on A4 paper or US Letter. Draw a front piece and back piece with an aqua trickmarker on the back on both fabrics.

The pattern is without seam allowance. Add 1 cm (5/8 inch) seam allowance. Add 2 cm (1 inch) seam allowance at the bottom of the back piece and at the bottom of the front piece.

Step 2: Cut the fabric.
Cut the front and back pieces twice out of the fabrics.

Step 3: Pin front piece to back piece.
With right sides facing, pin down the front piece to the back piece. Also pin front and back of the lining together.

Step 4: Sew the sides of both dresses until the pattern marks.
Sew the sides of both dresses until the pattern marks.

Step 5: Flip the lining right side out.
Flip the lining right side out.

Step 6: Pin neck- and shoulder seams.
Put the lining of the dress in the outer dress. Pin the neck- and shoulder seams of the lining of the dress and the outside of the dress together with right side facing.

Step 7: Sew neck and shoulder seams at the front.
Sew neck and shoulder seams at the front from armpit to armpit.

Step 8: Sew neck and shoulder seams at the back.
Turn the dress. Sew the neck and shoulder seams at the back.

Step 9: Sew elastic.
Cut the elastic in half. Fold both elastic pieces in half lengthwise. Put the elastic pieces in place. They are placed just underneath the left and right armpit and have a 1.5 cm (5/8 inch) length. (Thus the elastic loops will be 3 cm long.) Sew a couple of times over the elastic, so it will be attached firmly.

Step 10: Sew the upper part of the sides of the dress.
Sew the upper part of the sides of the dress (just underneath the armpits).

Step 11: Trim.

Step 12: Topstitch.
Flip the dress right side out. Topstitch.

Step 13: Sew the bottom of the dress.
Fold the seam allowance at the bottom of the dress to the inside and pin down. Sew.

Step 14: Stitch the buttonholes at the front.
Using a ruler, mark where your buttons and buttonholes will go. Stitch the buttonholes at the front.

Step 15: Sew the buttons at the back.
Sew the buttons (⌀ 2 cm - ⌀ 4/5 inch) on properly to make certain that they function well and last for years. Also sew the small buttons (⌀ 1 cm - 2/5 inch) at the back, just underneath both armpits.

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    1. It is for a better fit, and this way it's easier to put the dress on and take the dress off. You could also make a larger armhole, if you want to omit the elastic.

  19. Hi! I just love this dress! I've been making it for my daughter for nearly 2 years (from the pattern you called 'Dutch Baby Dress') and it has been great all year round. I use different weight fabrics and team it with tops underneath, and warm tights. I adapted it by adding width to the skirt (about 50%) and gathering that in, so that all her dresses are full pretty ones. I love the way you make your instructions so clear and how the different sizes can be printed right out. You have helped me to make my dream come true by sewing all my daughter's dresses. THANK YOU!

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