Free sewing tutorial and pattern toddler cap made from knits

Head circumference: 46 cm - 48 cm (18 in - 19 in).

* Fabric (Jersey or Interlock) - 30 cm x 60 cm (12 in x 24 in) (outside cap)
* Fabric (Jersey or Interlock) - 30 cm x 60 cm (12 x 24 in) (lining cap)

Download the free sewing pattern here. Set your printer settings to A4 paper.

Draw the pattern on the back of both fabrics. Ad 1 cm (0,5 in) seam allowance. Cut the pattern twice out of both fabrics. Please notice that both parts should be mirrored. Pin the two pieces for the outside of the cap down, right sides facing, and sew together. Sew the notches on top and on both sides closed. Repeat these steps for the lining of the cap.

Pin the outside of the cap to the inside of the cap, right sides facing. Sew with a twin needle inside and outside of the cap together. The twin needle will sew two parallel lines of stitches on the top of your fabric, and a single zig-zag stitch underneath, that will make the stitch stretchy. Leave a 5 cm (2 in) opening for turning right-side out. Turn right-side out. Topstitch (Also use a twin needle to topstitch).

With a small stitch on top of the cap, handstitch both outside and lining together.

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